Zara’s Sustainable Denim for Spring

Zara’s Join Life collection for spring ’19 has a small but very cute collection of denim. The pieces include a raw-edge jean jacket ($70), high-waist shorts ($40), boyfriend shorts ($40) , a long skirt ($50), and a short shirt ($40).

I love the Join Life collection because it’s sustainable and not as expensive as other sustainable clothing. But I wish Zara would expand the Join Life offerings! They are just a small fraction of Zara’s huge and ever-evolving selection of clothing, so I can’t help but fret about all that other non-sustainable stuff. But at least it’s a start. Zara also offers clothing recycling—you can bring in your old clothes and Zara will give them a second life if you happen to live nearby a store that offers it which unfortunately I don’t. But Zara says they’ll soon roll out new locations.

Check out all the denim pieces here.


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