Would You Wear Ripped-Butt Jeans?

We talk a lot about ripped up denim here on ESD. Distressed jeanspopularity seems to be waning, but they’re certainly not disappearing any time soon. And despite the waning, Kylie Jenner has taken it to another level recently.

Kylie Jenner butt ripped jeans

If anyone was going to rock this look, it was probably going to to be someone in Kylie’s family. We saw it as early as two years ago (below, also from a Kylie, but this time just one rip), and TBH expected to never see it again. But the trend does seem to be catching on. We spotted them available at Revice and there are even how-to’s on YouTube. Would you rock jeans with a ripped butt? Do tell in the comments!



Photos: Kylie Jenner on Instagramthe daileigh, Revice.


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