Will EU Tariffs on Jeans Mean Lower-Priced Jeans in the United States?

Our current president’s tit-for-tat tariff policy has led to the European Union levying taxes on all-American goods including motorcycles (Harley Davidson), bourbon and jeans.

The bloc of 28 nations on Friday announced a 25 percent tariff on these U.S. products and more, ranging from sweet corn to chewing tobacco and cones, in retaliation for the president’s recently-announced tariffs on imports of EU steel and aluminum. The tariffs affect $3.4 billion in U.S. products.

Jeans may be a just a fraction of this, but, as we are a denim blog, they are our main concern. And if  jeans are exported in smaller numbers because of the tariffs, that might lead to a glut of denim domestically—at least that’s what an expert interviewed on NPR said about bourbon. If the same holds true for jeans, we might see excess inventory and therefor lower prices on jeans made here in the United States.

Just saying and this is not an endorsement of anything whatsoever.


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