Why Are Jeans Blue? Anyone?

I can’t believe we’ve never asked this question before. Why are jeans blue? But Business Insider asked the question and explored the answer in a video that you can watch below. They say it’s because of the way indigo dye interacts with cotton.

But I muse say, I’m not 100% satisfied. Why did someone choose indigo in the first place? No one could have known, the first time they used the dye with cotton, how it would interact with the fabric.

So, I am on a quest to dig a little deeper and find out the answer. This Slate article claims to explain it, but it still doesn’t, really. It says that Levi’s originally offered to manual laborers  cotton “duck” pants, made of tent-like fabric, and cotton denim pants dyed blue with indigo. The jeans, the article says, were more comfortable, and therefore for duck pants were phased out.

This still does not explain why indigo was used in the first place. If anyone knows, please let me know and stay tuned!


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