Who Made Kanye’s Met Ball Jeans?

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Kanye West walked down the Met Ball red carpet wearing ripped jeans and blue contact lenses to match. Many called it inappropriate—after all, it was a black tie affair. But his denim certainly didn’t bar him entry to the event. It reminded me of the time in the ’80s when John Cougar Mellencamp (still called that at the time I believe) accepted a Grammy award in ripped jeans. My mother was aghast.

OK I just went down a very deep rabbit hole because I made the mistake of Googling John Mellencamp to get details about the jeans he wore at those Grammy’s and found nothing about that but discovered he’s dating Christy Brinkley (!) and then became obsessed with how amazing she looks at 62 (!).

But back to Kanye and Kim—don’t you wonder what they’ll be up to in 30 years? Will Kim look as amazing at Christy? Anyway, the JEANS. They were “Fear of God selvedge denim vintage indigo jeans” that retail for $895, according the Elle, which also called that an “absurd amount of money.” I have perhaps been in the fashion blogging business for too long, but my reaction to the price was more like: “that’s it?”

The blindingly blingy jacket and his wife’s dress were by Balenciaga: if you have to ask the price you can’t afford it. Do they dress up his jeans enough to forgive flouting the dress code? Like I said, no one denied the shiny couple entry.

[Photo via Kim Kardashian on Instagram]

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