Which Jeans Make Your Butt Look Best?

I quite like my butt. While I’ve had plenty of complains about my body over the years, I’ve always appreciated the way I look from behind in my jeans, and my husband has also always appreciated it, so I’m not complaining. If that sounds like bragging, I hope you’ll trust that I don’t do it very often.

And since this is a rare case of self love, I try to make sure my jeans do my backside justice. With over 40-ish years of wearing jeans, plus many hours of surreptitiously checking out others wearing jeans (not in a creepy way, if that’s possible?), I’ve learned some things about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to pocket placement, which is the most important part of butts-in-jeans aesthetics. Read on for my tips on putting your best butt forward—and I would love to hear your tips, please share!

Large pockets

Levi's 501 stretch

Levi’s 501 stretch skinny jeans, $98

Larger pockets typically make your butt look smaller. I always go for larger pockets because, as you might imagine, small pockets can make your backside look larger and I don’t need any assistance in that department.

Small pockets

7 for all mankind skinny jeans

7 For All Mankind b(air) ankle skinny jeans, $189

See above—they can make your derrière look more substantial. And that is a valid goal!

High pockets

AG The Mila ankle jeans, $198

High pockets will show off the bottom portion of your bottom, and if you’re well-endowed in that area you might not like the results as your backside may look out of proportion and bottom heavy. They look great on this model, but she is a model for a reason (every garment looks good on her!).

Low pockets

Frame le high jeans

Frame Le High skinny raw-edge slit rivet jeans, $215

These will do the inverse of the above, i.e. they’ll bring your butt level down a bit. Pockets that are so low that they travel into your upper leg area should be avoided, however.

Angled pockets

Cotton Citizen high split jeans, $295

Angled pockets give the impression of curves, so if you have a straighter figure and want to up the hourglass factor, these are a good choice.

Wide-set pockets

7 for all mankind angled ankle skinny jeans

7 For All Mankind luxe skinny ankle jeans, $

These will make your hips look wider. If this model can look curvy, you know it works!

Close-set pockets

Citizens of Humanity classic fit jeans

Citizens of Humanity Liya classic fit hight rise jeans, $258

I’m guessing it’s not surprising that these will do the opposite of the above. If you’d like to look a bit narrower in the hip, these are a good choice.

Flap pockets

True Religion flap pocket straight jeans, $80

It probably goes without saying that the flap pocket’s heyday has come and gone. In fact it was quite difficult to find a pair currently for sale. But if they see a resurgence in popularity (which every trend no matter how terrible does eventually), wear these if you want to increase the appearance of the size of you bottom.

Decorated pockets

3x1 dark denim jeans

3×1 Joni jeans, $225

I recently wrote that these early aughts throwbacks were gaining popularity again. I haven’t seen a huge surge in this trend, but it’s definitely happening in some corners of the denim world. Decorated pockets tend to draw attention to and make you bottom look larger, and that could be a good thing!

No Pockets or slash pockets

current Elliott trouser jeans

Current/Elliott The Cropped Confident trouser jeans, $228

If you have a perfect butt, and I have no doubt you do, go for it.





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