Where I Was From Mixes Up Vintage, Reworked and New

Brooklynites Claire Lampert and Stacy Daily founded Where I Was From back in 2012, when they began selling vintage denim online as a hobby, and as a chance to collaborate with their creative friends. It was a side gig until last fall when their reworked vintage denim hit a nerve and they realized they could sell enough of their designs to make Where I Was From a profitable gig.

Fast forward five years and they’re collaborating on a full collection with one of the biggest brands around, Madewell. It’s their first foray into design, and the results are pretty great. As I mentioned, I need those pink jeans.

Their winter 2017 is making me very much look forward to their spring one! Check out their archives page for more denim inspiration from Where I Was From, and read Madewell’s interview with them here.  


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