What Is it With Banning Jeans? Petanque Players Are the Latest Victims

Perhaps you’ve heard of pétanque? It’s a French game involving metal balls and a wooden ball, and Sophia Loren is a fan, so we are too.

The French Pétanque Federation believes the game has a better chance at becoming an Olympic sport if its players don’t wear jeans during the upcoming championship competition.

According to The Telegraph, enthusiasts are “outraged.” Justifiably! In protest, some players have planned a “jeans only” match in Nimes on May 1.

Have these officials not seen these jeans?

Wanting recognition as an olympic sport makes a lot of sense with the 2024 Olympics will be in Paris.  But will “proper” trousers and smart shorts do the trick?

The competition is no joke, though. Apparently the  highly serious contest with cash prizes—rivals have apparently made death threats towards each other. And the game is more widespread than you might think: more than 20 million French people play pétanque, with about 400,000 regular contestants in 7,000 clubs, and The Telegraph says it’s catching on with French hipsters. Sounds like the bowling of France!

Also, the no jeans rule has existed since the ’90s, but hasn’t been enforced until now. Stay tuned for the French championships from Monday August 6 through Thursday August 9 in Paris to find out if all players follow the new rule enforcement. Admission is free if you happen to be lucky enough to be in the area!


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