What Are Your Favorite Jeans? Denim Overalls From 1995

There’s always a story behind your favorite jeans, and this is where we celebrate the history of our denim best friends.


Photos by Maria del Rio for Mother

I thought I would kick off this series with my own favorites: these denim overalls. I bought them at a vintage store circa 1995 (that would be TWENTY years ago but who’s counting). If memory serves it was Aardvarks on Haight Street, which sadly closed several years ago. They were certainly dirt cheap, because I had zero dollars to my name at the time. I was working in a coffee shop, which is not only why I was poor, but also why these denim overalls hold a special place in my memory.


Much like today, crop tops were all the rage in 1995, and I enthusiastically participated in the trend by wearing mine underneath my overalls. This is where the boy comes in. He was a maniac and a clown. No, for real he was a clown—well he became one eventually. At the time he was more of a stand-up comedian with a Robin Williams vibe. Like, really crazy energy, and I was into it! And he was really into that little flash of skin at my waist between where the crop top left off and my overalls began. And there began a six-year romance that like so many other romances ended in sorrow and my inability to enjoy Cirque du Soleil. But that’s a story for another time. Or probably never because it really sucked. I used to really enjoy trapeze art.

But to this day, every time I lay eyes on these overalls I think of the comedian—and coffee. The smell of coffee permeated the fabric of anything I wore, grounds got in my hair and under my fingernails—there was no escape. Coffee + the comedian = a very fun combination for a while! And what do you know, the jeans outlasted all of it.

What are your favorite pair of jeans? Send your stories to eatsleepdenim at gmail dot com!



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