Throwback Thursday: Charlotte Gainsbourg



I usually call this column “Icons in Denim” but since Charlotte Gainsbourg is still very much an icon in denim, I’m going to split the feature on her between vintage Charlotte and current Charlotte (the same could probably also be done for Kate Moss).

Anyway, Charlotte Gainsbourg is one of those people who have style both in the genes and in the jeans (sorry, couldn’t resist!) The daughter of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, she had been surrounded by a timeless effortless, style since conception. Over the years her style has been refined, and still even today is one of my personal style inspirations (along with Emmanuelle Alt and Freja Beha Erichsen) but even back when she was very young (and even as a baby!), she had a penchant for wearing denim as part of her style uniform. She doesn’t commit to one particular style of jeans, although she is quite often spotted in high waisted jeans, and in flares, probably as part of her updated 70’s chic. I’m sure she makes her mom proud.



charlotte_gainsbourg_denim_16 charlotte_gainsbourg_denim_15  charlotte_gainsbourg_denim_13

Okay, so SHE’s not actually wearing denim, but her parents both are!

charlotte_gainsbourg_denim_11 charlotte_gainsbourg_denim_12  charlotte_gainsbourg_denim_8 charlotte_gainsbourg_denim_6 charlotte_gainsbourg_denim_5 charlotte_gainsbourg_denim_4 charlotte_gainsbourg_denim_3 polas4 4 charlotte_gainsbourg_denim_1


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