This Try-On Experience Will Convince You to Try Khloe Kardashian’s Jeans

good american jeansI’ve been reading plenty of positive reviews of Khloe Kardashian’s Good American jeans, but this one from Jascmeen Bush at Racked is the most convincing so far. She writes that she typically walks the line between regular and plus sizes, and the fact that sizes 0-24 were all in one place was “ecstasy.”

She took a 10,12 and 14 into the dressing room at a Nordstrom in Torrance, CA.

I tried on the 10 first and it was LIT. The stretch is unbelievable. A salesperson pointed out it’s a four-way stretch so the jeans really, really hug you. The waistband is super stretchy, too, so it fits snugly on your waist — no bulky band sitting on my muffin top, no siree. They suck you in a bit but they’re still soft and breathable. They feel just as good as my sweet, sweet jeggings. I think you could actually wear these on a long flight if you wanted to.

She goes on to write that they likely run large because she could have fit into an 8, “which is a number I haven’t seen since the ‘Lean Wit It Rock Wit It’ phenomenon. I like to imagine that several mad scientists with big butts made these in a lab somewhere and yelled ‘Eureka!’ at the sight of the finished product, they were just that good. They fit Khloe, and dammit, they fit me, too.”

Khloe’s reputation as the most relatable Kardashian, both personality and body-type-wise, might be the key to Good American’s success. Pair that with jeans that appear to be actually high quality with a great fit for curvy girls, and you have a recipe for success. I will be testing them out soon, stay tuned!


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