The Japanese Street Devoted to Denim

Momotaro jeans after one year of natural fading. Photo via Instagram.

The Kojima district of Okayama, Japan is home to Jeans Street, where more than 300,000 denim-obsessed travelers visit to find what are probably the highest0-quality denim specimens anywhere in the world.

Jeans may have been born in the United States, but they are also dying here, sadly, with nearly 100% of denim production now overseas following the closure of the White Oak Cone Mills factory. Now, strangely, Japanese denim is more American than American denim.
Fifty years ago, Momotaro Jeans opened up shop on Jeans Street, launching what has become a neighborhood obsession with denim. In addition to clothing, you’ll find denim-themed ice cream, vending machines and murals.

Check out this CNN video to get a peek at Jeans Street and learn more.



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