The Husband and Wife Behind Habitual Have a New, Beautiful Denim Gig

Colovos denim There’s a lot about Colovos that I love. For starters, the brand was founded by husband and wife team Michael and Nicole Colovos. Can we all agree it’s magical when spouses can work together and not only stay married but raise three kids while creating something amazing?

Michael is a former Seattle skateboarder who moved to New York and later Italy to study fashion. While in NYC in 2002, he met New Zealand-born stylist and editor at Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Remember Habitual denim? They launched that together and later re-launched Helmut Lang together where they were Co-Creative Directors for 8 years.

Colovos had no choice but to be good. Also, the denim is made from a small denim mill  in Japan. The jeans are assembled in the USA and washed in a facility that uses recycled filtered water, which is the cherry on top.

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