Some Favorites From Joe’s Jeans’ Fall 2015 Lookbook


Nothing terribly new here, or so I thought, until I saw the above patch-covered jeans in Joe’s Jeans’ fall 2015 lookbook. I’m feeling that trend coming on strong for fall and through next year (see this previous post—those are vintage but something is obviously happening with patches and/or graffiti jeans). And if you’re in favor of showing off your gams, they’ve got a mini-skirt version, too. Here are a few other favorites!Joes-Fall-2015-Lookbook-Womens_page20_image6 Joes-Fall-2015-Lookbook-Womens_page20_image16 Joes-Fall-2015-Lookbook-Womens_page20_image15 Joes-Fall-2015-Lookbook-Womens_page20_image11 Joes-Fall-2015-Lookbook-Womens_page20_image7 Joes-Fall-2015-Lookbook-Womens_page20_image13 Joes-Fall-2015-Lookbook-Womens_page20_image3


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