Skinny Jeans Are Out, Does Wrangler Have an In?


Now that many women are favoring a looser-fitting pair of jeans, the Boston Globe reports that an old-school brand is taking the opportunity to remind folks that it exists. Wrangler, long associated with cowboys and “W” pockets, is going with the tagline “Life is comfortable,” in hopes of attracting erstwhile skinny-jeans wearers.

But Wrangler’s parent company, VF Corp., isn’t relying on nostalgia to fuel sales. The company has introduced new product lines that feature four-way stretch, wicking, and sweat-controlling technology. It also has turned to athletes to tout the brand, with an ad starring Drew Brees.

I can’t help but think, though, that folks who wore trendy skinnies may not be the same customers shopping for Wranglers. The brand seems to be a trend-free zone that might not be on the radar of someone in search of the next big thing. What do you think? Is the Wrangler brand a viable alternative to skinnies?


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