Should TV News Reporters Wear Denim?


I like to think you can wear denim anywhere and everywhere. But a CNN anchor recently proved that the public is not ready for denim on-air. reports that Don Lemon, host of CNN Tonight, was in the City of Brotherly love on Thursday to report on the tragic Amtrak Train 188 crash wearing a crisp, dark denim jacket. And the Twitterverse went bananas.

Kylie Marie Dunn tweeted:

Who let Don Lemon go on the air in that denim jacket?! I need immediate answers. Let that be a lesson: People will actively watch you fail!

From Allesandro Stilla:

@donlemon jean jacket #fail on @cnnbrk

And there were many more outraged Tweeters. I’ll give the denim foes this one. It does look a bit weird to see a denim jacket on a news report. But maybe Lemon is a trailblazer and we’ll see more of the same in the near future. What do you think? Should TV news reporters wear denim?


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