Seventeen Magazine Writer Test Drives Kylie Jenner’s Butt-Rip Jeans

butt-ripped jeans
Remember how I wondered if you would try out Kylie Jenner’s butt-torn jeans? Most of you probably said no, but a brave writer at Seventeen magazine boldly said yes—and lived to regret it.

A few of her discoveries about navigating the world with your backside exposed:

… there is not a single activity that does not feel weird in these jeans. My bare skin feels weird on my chair. There’s a draft when I walk. I feel extra-creepy riding the escalator.

I felt really awkward showing my butt to everyone at the coffee shop!

Also, Seventeen polled more than a thousand readers. So far, around 450 voters say only Kylie could pull off the look, and another 500 say it’s a big nope. This gives me hope for the future of the world.

[Photo via Seventeen]

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