Seven Black Denim Bermuda Shorts To Kick Summer Into Low Gear

Summer is here, and with it comes longer days and a trend towards longer shorts, especially if they’re denim. There will always be a place for short shorts, but longer Bermuda styles at the moment seem a little more fashion even if they show a little less flesh. They make you want to kick back for a long, relaxing evening under the stars. School’s out, and we may still have to work, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take everything down a notch, at least for a month or two.

Longer denim shorts also harken back to the ’90s when we were all rocking them with tights and plaid flannel shirts tied around our waists. The whole attitude was very Generation X—no one cared about anything, and if they didn’t they wouldn’t show it. While these days I actually care a lot about many, many things (that’s for my other blog), sometimes you have to take a break and just let it all go.

Here are seven styles to get you in the mood for winding down, chilling out, and getting as much you time as possible this summer.

Trave Priscilla shorts, $198

E.L.V. Denim The Twin shorts, $216

Cotton Citizen denim shorts, $225

Hudson Sloane long cutoff shorts, $165

Ei8dreams uneven hem cycling shorts, $175

Agolde 90s shorts, $138

Levi’s 501 slouch shorts, $78





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