Neck Test: How to Find Jeans That Fit Without Trying Them On

neck test pants

I hate trying on clothes. As a consequence, I have many items in my closet with tags still on, which didn’t fit once I finally tried them on at home and I intended to return but of course never did. I still don’t have an answer for finding a top that fits without trying it on, but I’ve discovered a neat trick for jeans! Here’s how to employ the neck test:

  1. Button or snap the jeans (or any pants for that matter)
  2. Wrap the waistband around your neck.
  3. Determine if they will fit: If they touch or overlap slightly, you have a winner! If they don’t reach all the way around your neck, I’m sorry to report that they will also likely not make it around your waist.
  4. Note that this only works for pants that fit at the waist. Lower-rise jeans probably still require trying-on.

Being a former science reporter, I have to say I was a bit skeptical about this method. So I did some Googling, and found this experiment. The researchers found that in most cases is actually does work. But I would recommend trying it out with pants that fit you before testing it out at the store. I imagine if you’ve given birth or with certain body types, the neck test might not be 100% reliable.

There you have it! Let me know if you try it, and if it was successful.

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