Men’s Ripped Jeans: the Fine Line Between Nirvana and Jersey Shore

ripped men's jeans

High Snobiety surveyed women on what they really think about men who wear ripped jeans, and the results indicate that the only tolerable tears in men’s jeans are ones that arrived naturally. Buying ripped jeans is frowned upon, at least by the women in this survey.

I have to say I agree. I think I even agree with that when it comes to most women’s denim. I once purchased a pair of very ripped up jeans (paid extra for the privilege too) and regretted it deeply. There’s really no reason why we can’t make holes in our own jeans.

And yes this is just a small number of opinions, but consider this: I found the above photo on Pinterest with the following caption: “This is what I picture an arrogant, cocky guy wearing for jeans.” Can’t argue, I’m afraid.


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