Jennifer Anniston Loves Flared Jeans

Jennifer Aniston loves flared jeans

Jennifer Aniston, flared jeans fan

In a recent interview wth Yahoo! Beauty, Jennifer Aniston told editor-in-chief and makeup guru Bobbi Brown her thoughts on skinny jeans. The verdict? “Skinny jeans and me don’t really get along.”

And like any woman with a strong sense of personal style, that’s despite what her husband thinks:

My husband loves me in skinny jeans, that’s like all he wants me to wear. And he loves it. I personally love a nice flared option, kind of a ’70s vibe or a ripped-up jean or something that’s kind of loose.

Power to you Jen! I’m a longtime fan. Friends is one of my favorite all-time TV shows… it’s the perfect thing to watch when you need to forget about a tough day. And, whether it’s trending or not, I always love a flare myself. Proof!

Photo by Angela George, used via Creative Commons license


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