Jeans of the Week: Golden Goose Breezy Pant With Sequins

Golden Goose sequin jeans

Golden Goose Breezy Pants, $595

Who says you have to stop wearing sequins when the New Year’s Eve celebrations have ended? We say throw on some sneakers and sparkle all year round.

This pair of jeans from Golden Goose has a relaxed antifit silhouette and wide legs, which makes the sequins unexpectedly casual.

Golden Goose Breezy Pants

The back is sequin-free, which makes for more comfortable sitting.

Golden Goose Breezy Pants

That also makes for a cool effect when viewed from the side.

Golden Goose Breezy Pants

Note that they are non-stretch, so be sure to order your normal size or a size larger if you’re into a roomier look.


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