If You’re in NYC, Check Out Alexis Colby’s Denim Lounge at the 5th Ave. H&M

We told you about Alexis Colby’s amazing denim recreations, sewn by hand from denim the designer collects with her grandmother, back in 2017. And we’re thrilled to learn that she was no flash-in-the pan phenomenon.

This week, the H&M on 5th Avenue in New York City (a place where I’ve spent many hours, alas), features a denim lounge custom designed by Colby. Check out her Instagram post below for photos of the very cool space.

Colby, who recently added housewares to her list of custom denim creations, also earned a write up in Teen Vogue for her efforts.

Her products are available by custom order and  retail for approximately $50 to $200.

[Photo via Alex Colby on Instagram]


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