I Can’t Decide How to Feel About Ridiculous Jeans

crazy jeansOn the one hand: really unattractive. I might even say hideous.

Then again, fashion should be fun! Why not get a little experimental with denim and do something no one else has? Perhaps the answer lies in the rear-zipper Levi’s x Vetements collab. Or the mud-covered design from Nordstrom that enraged the internet. Or maybe the clear-knee jeans from TopShop.

Whatever the answer, denim designs have gotten so outrageous that publications from The New York Times to Racked to The Vancouver Sun have written articles questioning designers’ choices. I don’t believe the history of denim has every seen anything like it. Should the madness stop? Full steam ahead with abandon? Please tell me what to thing because I can’t decide.


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  1. July 22, 2017 / 7:04 am

    I love playing with denim! We sell custom denim. Edgy and super girly, just the way we like them… smiles! So much fun!

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