How to Style Denim on Denim Like a Street Style Star

vogue paris1

A former colleague in the late ’90s called it the “jean suit.” It also has been known as the Canadian Tuxedo, a name that originated in 1851 when Bing Crosby was denied entrance to a fancy hotel in Vancouver for wearing an all-denim outfit (they let him in once they figured out who he was). To make old Bing feel better (i.e. to capitalize on the situation), Levi’s designed and sent him an all-denim tuxedo, which the company reproduced in 2014. Hey, you learn something new every day!

These days, Canadian tuxedo wearers are happily granted entrance to the fanciest of fashion shows. Many fashion bloggers, editors, models and other street styles stars went for the look when getting dressed to view the spring 2016 collections in New York and London. We’ve come such a long way! Here is some of my favorite jean-on-jean action from the fashion week streets, and great sources of inspiration for making a denim-on-denim look work.

Photos 1-2 via Refinery29, 3 via InStyle UK, 4 via The New York Times, 5-6 via Vogue Paris, 7 via NYMag, 8-9 via PopSugar


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