How Many Jeans Are You Wearing Right Now?

This is no longer a surprise, but we’ve got more weird jeans from ASOS to share with you. These particular models call into question exactly how many pairs of jeans you are actually wearing. The answer, of course, it just one. It’s a optical illusion that you are wearing three pairs of varying rises.

But guess what? They are not weird enough to prevent people from buying them! In face, they are completely sold out (having been marked down from $64 to $38).

If you’re feeling really disappointed right now, chin up! Charlotte Russe and JCPenney have you covered!

I’m starting to think that ASOS is coming up with these outlandish designs specifically for the press they generate, even though it’s usually not complimentary. Because despite the criticism, these weirdo designs always sell out. And it somehow makes me happy that so many risk-takers are out there in the wold.


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