Hope You Didn’t Get Rid of Your JNCOs

Back in 2015, JNCO announced they were introducing their enormously-legged pants back into the world! A Teens React video had many teenagers very confused.

“These are like, pants you would garden in if you were 50,” one of them said.

Four years later, the site is still live and selling several styles of the jeans that go from giant to mammoth when it comes to leg-width. And it looks like the silhouette is catching on and showing up in other designers’ collections.

Case in point, these TRE by Natalie Ratabesi black jeans ($740).

The originals are considerably less expensive, but they seem to be made for men so I’m not sure how they would fit.

I was, however, listening to the Unstyled podcast recently with Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson, and she told Christene Barberich that she still has her old JNCOs from the ’90s, and says they look just like the Rachel Comey style that has been all the rage for years now. So there’s that!



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