Happy 501 Month, Y’all!

Levi's Jive Dollar printLevi’s 501 anniversary is in May, and as they do every year the brand is celebrating with events all over the world. To celebrate the 146th (!!) birthday of the classic 501 style, here will be music, parties, and lots of denim.

Look for limited edition denim, including custom shorts designed by 501 superfan and model Hailey Bieber. Keep reading for a peek at her custom 501 Shorts. She replaces the original buttons with rainbow colors and adds some strategic paint splatter, all of which you can also achieve in the Levi’s tailor shop.


Second perhaps only to tailoring your own 501s, in my opinion, are the above original cropped jeans in this amazing Jive Dollar print. They’re a little over the top and I’m all for it.


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