Google and Levi’s Are Making Your Jeans Interactive


I was wondering what Google was up to when it hired one of my favorite San Francisco designers, Camelia Skikos. This may be the answer (maybe): the search company has partnered with Levi’s to create interactive jeans. Possibly relevant: Skikos once worked for Levi’s. But I’m just guessing!


Imagine being able to simply touch your jeans, and control your phone, or turn on the music in your house. Project Jacquard is Google’s effort to do just that, and they’ve partnered with the denim gurus at Levi’s. Engineers have created a conductive yarn and woven it into common textiles. The resulting fabric combines ultra-thin metallic alloys with yarn made of cotton, polyester or silk that can be used to made clothing and home interior items—but that’s only the beginning.


The Verge writes, “what could be mistaken for stitching is a touchpad.” Google and Levi’s just took wearable to the next level. For more, check out the video below!

Photos via The Verge


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