Ellery Gets With MatchesFashion to Make Bellbottom Jeans Dreams Come True

ellery jeansEllery has become known for creating garments that look amazing in photos—”editorial” pieces, as they say. But until now, the luxury brand had not ventured into denim.

The luxury brand has collaborated with Matches Fashion to do just that. The Ellery extreme bellbottom is now translated into jeans, and the result is quite glorious. The design comes in a longer (Ophelia) and a shorter (Hysteria) length for fashion extroverts both tall and short. And for less drama, there’s a pair featuring more of a flare than a bell (in black or blue), as well as a slim-leg style and a crisp white version.

Prices range from $490 to $780. One of each, please (when we hit the lottery)!


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