Dry Shampoo for Your Jeans: Better Than the Freezer

day 2 denim refresherThere are denim aficionados out there, including the CEO of Levi’s, Chip Bergh, who believeyou should not wash your jeans. There are others who believe that placing them in the freezer for a period of time will kill bacteria, but that approach as been solidly debunked by Bergh (and us).

What’s a denim-loving person who also likes being clean to do? Enter Day 2 Denim, dry shampoo for your jeans. According to reviewers, it not only made jeans smell fresh, but it also releases wrinkles. It won’t actually get dirt off of your jeans, but it can help you get a few more wears out of them granted you haven’t jumped in any mud puddles while wearing them.

Sadly for my fellow Americans it’s available only in the UK at the moment—I’ll keep you posted on it’s availability stateside!


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