Denim Style: Midtown Girl

by Kristen Philipkoski

Every time I see  fashion and dating blogger, Amy Chandra from Midtown Girl, she’s fabulously dressed with a crisp blazer, chic accessories, a pair of Louboutins and often in a pair of jeans. She is very confident in her classic style.  She owns it.

When I sat down and talked to her about her denim collection, I had assumed that she had a million styles of jeans but it turned out that she owned four pairs of the beloved J Brand Lovestory Jeans,  Amy says, “because they transform from daywear to nightwear fairly effortlessly.” The Lovestorys have appeared before on this blog, and admittedly don’t own a pair myself, but with the trouser jeans and the boot cut jeans reappearing this year, its a good time to see what exactly makes this a classic.

Why do you love Lovestory?

AMY: I’ve had the Lovestorys for a several years, and I always go back to them. I will say it’s a classic silhouette it will last for many, many more years because it’s not trendy, not over the top and the color too will not go in and out, it’s seasonless.  The dark vintage wash is great because it’s not too blue, which is a day look, so you can really dress it up or dress it down. When I wear the Lovestorys it’s easy figure out what to wear with them, because I can wear anything.

What’s special about the fit?

AMY: The waist fit great, and the flare is not too bell-bottom and not too boot cut. It’s right in the middle, it which makes you look tall and skinny. Because of the bottom of the leg, you can wear it with a fitted top or a loose top, without.  The silhouette is great because it makes you look tall and thin. Anything that makes me look taller and thinner is A+ in my book!

What’s next on your wishlist?

AMY: Really want a pair of cigarette jeans because they’re so sexy with a pair of heels.

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  • Fashion Herald

    *running to buy Lovestorys* – Amy’s style is totally confident classy, a great description!

  • lisa

    Love the combination of the necklaces, striped top, trimmed blazer and dark denim. It’s weird, I was having a discussion last week with some fashion bloggers about how we’ve been wearing skinny pants, leggings, and skinny jeans so much now that it’s like we’ve forgotten HOW to wear boot-cut jeans. I think I’m going to have to re-train myself. 🙂

  • Jennine

    Oh yeah, it’s hard to break out of the skinny jean habit…. I love them, but it’s good to mix it up!

  • Genevieve

    Lisa–I agree. I have so gotten used to the skinny denim uniform that I have temporary amnesia with the flares now! I just got a pair of MiH “Marrakesh” jeans but I’m on the verge of returning or keeping–I am at a loss on how to wear something that flared! Jennine, keep the “how-tos” on flared leg/boot cuts coming! We all need a refresher…

    {lily spruce}

  • Georgie Girl

    First time commenting on your blog but just wanted to say YOU ARE GOING TO SEND ME BROKE! You have me running to ShopBop to look at all the lovely jeans each time I read one of your posts. I have the Lovestory jeans on my wishlist now!

  • Midtown Girl

    Jennine – thank you so very much for the denim feature. I had such a fab time with you & I am so glad that you are an offish NYC girl! And thank you to the lovely commenters on here – I love reading your thoughts on flared denim, they are truly a staple in my wardy<3
    Heart you,

  • Jennine

    genevive…so true! i have a hard time with the flares, but the more i see it, the more it makes sense. so i’ll give it a go!
    georgie! woops! well, think how hard it is writing about shopbop stuff! i spend my whole paycheck… well a good chunk of it.
    midtown…i’m so happy to be here ! it’s good to be nearby!

  • Chessa!

    I love me some MG! She looks fabulous as usual…always on trend but with her classic style. great photos!

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