Denim Is Trending With Teens

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Photo via Urban Outfitters

We already knew from the copious denim looks we saw in our denim seen in street style roundups during fashion month that jeans are trending hard among fashion editors and bloggers. And now we have evidence that teenagers—that elusive bunch—are also hoping to spend their (or their parents’) hard-earned dollars on denim this fall.

Piper Jefrey’s 30th semi-annual “Taking Stock With Teens” research survey, which highlights spending trends and brand preferences amongst 9,400 U.S. teens across 46 U.S. states, found that “denim brands are inflecting positively for the first fall since 2010 and the category is up substantially from last year.”

Teens’ interest in denim is not, however, cutting into their longstanding devotion to athletic brands. Nike is still at the top, with other favorite brands being Forever 21, American Eagle, Ralph Lauren and Urban Outfitters, respectively.

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