CNBC’s The Profit Takes on Struggling Denim Company

With the recent announcement that Cone Mills in Greensboro would close at the end of 2017, the United States denim industry is feeling nervous.

One company in Detroit, is getting some special attention from Marcus Lemonis of CNBC’s show The Profit, which airs Tuesdays at 10pm. It looks like some drama in the form of firing executive firings and attitude adjustments are on the horizon! Here’s CNBC’s description:

At a Detroit-based denim business, the jeans are stiff … and so are the owners. One of them stamps out any idea that isn’t his own, while another obsesses about the smallest of details. The third cares only about his own pay out. If Marcus can’t get them to embrace new ideas, this Detroit dream will come to an end.

It should be interesting to see the inner workings of a denim brand, and hopefully learn how it can survive in this threatened world of American jeans. So far what I’ve learned from the previews: don’t call it fashion, and don’t have fun. Fortunately, it looks like Lemonis is trying to change their ultra-sober attitude. Watch the previews here!


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