Where to Buy Denim Distressed by a Boar Hunter

Onomichi DenimLeave it to Japanese denim fanatics to come up with a crazy-authentic way of distressing jeans. The Onomichi Denim Project asks (and pays, I presume) fishermen, factory workers and wild boar hunters (for some nice blood stains) to wear jeans every day for a year, and then sells them to customers for $250+. Onomichi’s mayor has even worn jeans for the project. Onomichi Denim project

Here’s how it works, according to Meridian.net:

Wearers rotate through two pairs of jeans that they promise to wear almost daily for a year. Every week, the jeans are laundered at a special denim processing facility to retain evidence of each participant’s life and work. A pair worn by a fisherman has faded lines left by knee-high rubber boots, a factory worker’s jeans are distressed from a year’s worth of iron powder penetrating the fabric, and those worn by a wild boar hunter have traces of faded blood.

Would I pay up to $500 for jeans worn for a year by a boar hunter? Yes, yes I absolutely would.

[Photos via Onomichi Denim on Facebook and Asahi.com]

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