Artist Ian Berry Salutes the Last White Oak Denim With a Secret Garden

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that artist Ian Berry’s life revolves around denim. He has created incredible works of art using jeans as a medium and he even had a denim-themed wedding. So when he heard that the iconic White Oak Cone Denim mill was closing down, he wanted to mark the sad occasion with something special.

White Oak was the last remaining maker of selvedge denim in the United States, and very few denim mills of any kind remain in the States. In effect it means the end of American-made denim, so its closure is a momentous occasion indeed.

What Berry came up with is a Secret Garden created using the last White Oak denim ever made. The piece is currently installed at the Children’s Museum of the Arts in New York and will be on exhibit until April.

The work includes incredibly intricate foliage, birds and butterflies dangling from the ceiling and covering the ground, all made exclusively out of denim. There’s even a denim bunny named Cotton Blue, and a denim watering can for keeping all that denim fresh.


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