Are Madewell’s New Pockets Really Magic?

When I first read about these new Madewell jeans at Refinery 29, I assumed the magic pockets they spoke of were on the back of the jeans, promising to make your derriere look wonderful. Alas, the magic is supposedly coming from the front pockets.

Intriguing! I own several high-waisted jeans, this Madewell pair included, which flatter and emphasize my waist in a good way when I initially put them on. Then, after sitting down for a while—driving, working, what have you—I stand up and there’s a pouchy thing happening in my abdominal area. This is never a good thing.

I’m always left wishing there was some kind of support or suction in that area to prevent this from happening, and it sounds like that’s exactly what Madewell has invented, if the Refinery 29 editors’ reviews are any indication. Kate Hyatt had the following to say:

… these really hold you in, but somehow feel super-light and effortless. My waist and butt actually look smooth and tight — no bunching or folding. The stretch is just the right amount, too. I felt sucked it without feeling like a sausage in jeggings.

Next up I’ll try them out myself, stay tuned!


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