An Amazingly Chic Denim-Themed Wedding (Photos!)

photodesign_ai_044British artist Ian Berry has used denim fabric to create portraits of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Blondie, and more. He has recreated cityscapes of London and New York, depicted Brooklyn diners, subways, and bowling alleys—all using denim as the primary material. His body of work is incredibly unique and impressive.

But his ultimate work of art to date may be his own wedding. The denim-themed event took place on July 4 at a beautiful former farm on the Swedish coast overlooking the Oresund sea. In theory, a denim wedding could go very wrong. But this one avoided the Spears-Timberlake road by a very longshot. Ian and his bride Asa created a stunningly beautiful day, with the groom clad in a denim three-piece suit, the bridesmaids in denim-hued dresses, the groomsmen in denim ties, and pretty much every guest with a denim accent of some kind.

The decor also incorporated denim accents, including lasered denim placeholders—the couple even had their own leather patch made for the big day. Obviously, we needed to know more about this amazing couple and their denim wedding. Read on for our exclusive interview and gallery below!


1. The use of denim for your wedding is amazing! Ian, you work with denim to create your art… was it difficult to convince the bride to agree to a denim-themed wedding?
“I don’t remember really. I don’t think so. I think it was aways a given. I don’t even know if it wasn’t her idea (to get me hands on and involved in it maybe!) To be honest it was probably born out of me always saying I would do it in in a denim suit. She didn’t go for the denim dress idea though, which was a bit of a shame!”
2. What are some of the clothing and accessories that included denim on the big day? What was the most unusual?
“Well, I had on a denim suit that I had a tailor make for me. It was so hot though on the day (35C in Sweden) that the waistcoat saw the most of the day rather than the jacket. Åsa had on a satin dress after not wanting to have on the denim one. She did go for denim shoes though and her bouquet was wrapped in denim.
All the guests were asked to wear a hint of denim, and all of them did — with hats (my favourite being a vintage Lee Denim Union Made USA Railroad Conductor cap that I really want myself!) dresses, jackets, more shoes, handbags, hair accessories and of course flowers and ribbons. All in denim. In fact, I don’t think there was anyone actually wearing actual jeans. Many had been quite creative with it.
The most unusual — well the most funny — was one guest came in crutches and had them decorated in ripped jeans.
The decor was denim, yes, but we didn’t want to go overboard. There was the cliche bunting of course, and then in certain sections we had them with signs on. All the place names were lasered into denim and the gifts wrapped in denim. The blue of the denim just complimented the lace and white of the table settings. We had our own leather patch made, and we had frames wrapped in denim for people to take pictures in.”
3. How did you get started with your art, and how do you do it?
“It all started when I saw an old pile of jeans with all the different shades of denim. I had just made a collage at university with newspaper and thought I could apply the same idea but with the denim. While working with it I realised my own connection with denim, and then the rest just snowballed from there.
I make them using layers and layers of the different shades of denim, all cut up — using the varying washes of denim to build up the images. The rest is a secret. “
4. How/where do you source your denim from?
“I get the denim from all over the place. I get lots of donations (so anyone reading now is very welcome to) I started by using my own, and then I got friends to donate, then it was their friends… Then I would look around vintage stores, charity shops and often if I liked them so much, would buy first hand. Now I get many sent, and boxes of them. Pepe Jeans sends me lots which is great as I love the washes they have — and as I get many of the same shade, the consistency helps.”
6. Did you get any pushback from family members who didn’t think a denim wedding was a good idea?
“No, well not to my face anyway. I think to most it was an obvious theme and everyone seemed to have enjoyed doing it that way. I think most people there support me with the art I do and are really happy it has worked out. Åsa herself seemed to enjoy making a lot of the denim bits too and it was a nice thing to do together.”
7. Do you wear denim regularly?
“Yes I do, it is the clothes I feel most comfortable in. Am I an expert though? No. Many people think I am but sadly I am not. I have been on many occasions in a room with denim experts and I feel like an idiot. Of course over the years I have picked up more than the average guy on the street but I am only starting to become an denim geek. But for me it wasnt about that, it was about using a fabric that everyone feels comfortable with and you need not be an expert to enjoy. Give it another year or two though and maybe I will be.”
Peruse the gallery below for  more images!

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