8 Simple, Perfect Denim Looks From New York Fashion Week, Part 2

nymag6As I mentioned yesterday, simple, chic denim is surprisingly hard to do. I am a master at simple, slacker denim—the kind you throw on to go pick up your kid at daycare. But I guarantee those looks won’t end up in anyone’s street style roundup. The denim outfit that makes heads turn despite its simplicity? That takes a special touch. And the women pictured below at New York Fashion Week have it. I’m so inspired that you never know, the street style paparazzi might start lurking around my sleepy beach town! OK maybe not, but at least I’ll look slightly less disheveled at the grocery store.

Photos 1 via Cosmopolitan, 2-3 via NYMag, 4-6 via PopSugar,  7-8 via Vogue Paris



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