7 Ways to Wear Ultra-High-Waist Jeans

High-rise jeans can be a bit intimidating. You may find yourself in the dressing room struggling to imagine how they’d look in real life and what you’d wear them with.

Not to worry, because high-rise jeans can actually be super flattering, and offer ways to show off your cute tees and sweaters that the low rises of the aughts never did (may they rest in peace). Below you’ll find seven high-waist jeans looks that will get your creative outfit juices flowing, and have you looking very cute next time you head out to work or play.

Tucked-in graphic tee

If you read this blog you are aware of my passion for graphic tees. What can I say, they look great with jeans, especially tucked into high-rise ones.

Paige high rise Sarah Slim jeans, $229


Chaser David Bowie glitter lightning tank top, $59

Cropped top

This could also be a graphic tee—just saying. But any cropped top will do. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to wear a cropped top without baring too much skin, if you’d rather not.

Jean Atelier The Brief Jeans, $525

Hanes x Karla the Baby Tee, $40

Semi-tucked sweater or sweatshirt

This is the ultimate je ne sais quoi look and it’s easy to achieve. Just tuck a smidge of your sweater (it works best with a lightweight one) in the front or side of your jeans. Experiment to discover which tuck location you like best—your preference may vary depending on the particular sweater and jeans.

Rag & Bone/JEAN High-rise coated ankle skinny jeans, $250

Madeworn Rock Rolling Stones Sweatshirt, $150

Tucked in button shirt

This could also be partially or fully tucked. It will work best if the shirt is lightweight and not too terribly long.

AO.LA by alice + Olivia high rise baby boot jeans, $284

Current/Elliott The Derby shirt, $228

Cropped jacket

A cropped jacket that falls just at the top of your high-waist jeans the perfect way to top them off. The jacket could go over top of any of the above items, or even on its own.

AG The Rhett jeans, $215

AYR The Party Scene jacket, $225

Open-front blazer

Let the highness of the waist peek through.

Current/Elliott The Stovepipe Jeans, $228

WAYF Finn double-breasted blazer, $128

Tied Shirt

Yes this is yet another take on the graphic tee, but it doesn’t have to be graphic, and you could achieve the look even more readily with a button-front shirt.

Agolde Remy high-rise straight jeans, $168

Madeworn Rock Led Zeppelin Tee, $150



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