5 Non-Cheesy Ways to Wear the American Flag for 4th of July


Independence Day is that time of the year when we like to wear the American flag on our persons. And we totally should! But let’s keep it stylish, shall we? It’s very possible to do so with these actually cute garments I found while shopping researching this post. Brands aren’t dumb—they want to fulfill your patriotic desires and not make you regret your purchase come July 5. Here are the best grand old flag styles I’ve found. I do hope red, white and blue are your colors! But don’t worry if they’re not, we’ve got some black in the mix for you.

moschino Desktop

monogrammed shorts

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 1.17.07 PM

Top to bottom: Mother Denim, The Frenchie, Red, White and Screwed; Love Moschino sweatshirt; Chaser, printed flag tee; Monogrammed American flag shorts; Wildfox Lady Liberty sweater


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