1990’s Kate Moss Would Be a Street Style Icon Today


Today was Kate Moss’ 42nd birthday. Happy Birthday, Kate! She looks freaking amazing, as supermodels do, forever. Ms. Moss wears denim like no other. Enough photos of her in denim exist to create an entire blog comprise exclusively of Kate Moss wearing denim (now there’s a niche!).

The photo above which Kate wearing white jeans with Birkenstocks could easily be a street style look from the past year. Same goes for her Calvin Klein photos in high waist jeans —very right now.

To celebrate her big day, here are 22 photos of 90’s Kate wearing denim:

kate_moss_denim_90s_2 kate_moss_denim_90s_19 kate_moss_denim_90s_18


kate_moss_denim_90s_17 kate_moss_denim_90s_16 kate_moss_denim_90s_15 kate_moss_denim_90s_14 kate_moss_denim_90s_13 kate_moss_denim_90s_12
Kate-Rokit-styled-by-melanie rickey peter robathan
kate_moss_denim_90s_9 kate_moss_denim_90s_8 kate_moss_denim_90s_7 kate_moss_denim_90s_6 kate_moss_denim_90s_5 kate_moss_denim_90s_4 kate_moss_denim_90s_3



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