13 Times Body Positive Influencers Rocked Denim

[Photo via https://www.instagram.com/p/BoCCnkVHsJg/]

It’s easy to forget that jeans look good on women beyond a size 8. Most of the images we see of females wearing jeans, even today with body positivity being a trend, are of very thin, very young girls.

After perusing the Instagram feeds of these women, I have a whole new outlook on denim-wearing, and of how I see my own body. They are putting it all out there, and they look amazing. How inspiring!

OK we still need some women over 35 to represent, but these images are a great start towards improving anyone’s attitude about how your butt looks in your jeans. Jeans are for everyone!


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Be so happy that you completely forget to lay your edges down & then go hike in some damn flip flops🥰🧩

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My kind of Denim crew 🚨 @chromat #chromat #nyfw

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I’m kinda going to miss winter when it’s all over 🤔 #animalprint #snakeskinboots

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sNOw day of off. ❄️

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Grab your girlfriends, smile and celebrate another week of Life ❤️ Life shouldn’t be about making it through yet another day or waiting for Friday night to enjoy life, it should be about celebrating another day living your best life. If that’s not your life, if you don’t see how to get there, take a moment to think about it and understand what exactly keeps you from enjoying the everyday, what gets in the way of being grateful for each day… find that and make a plan to change it. Wether it’s a job, a boyfriend, a mentality or a bad habit… Growing up is about knowing yourself, what you need and what makes you happy, it’s about making decisions to get what you want. Sometimes knowing what you want is the first barrier to happiness… it takes a lot to figure that out and often, we may not be sure, but setting goals and enjoying the process is what is important and will, down the ligne, be your happiness. #happiness #love #life #girls #iamallwomxn #iamallwoman #awp

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who’s who 👀🤔 (wearing @premme.us duh)

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To celebrate #internationalwomensday I am teaming up with the lovely ladies at @dermalogica who are hosting an event with a panel of expert female founders discussing how they changed the game and paved the way for entrepreneurial women everywhere to find their passion and follow their dreams – such an exciting campaign to be part of and so proud to be doing it for the girls on this special day for the ultimate #girlpower stand! As a powerful female wanting to make my mark and make a difference in changing the world and industry ideals, this is really important to me and something that is very close to my heart. So make sure you follow the @dermalogica IG stories this evening where I will be taking over their account and capturing all the action, live! STAY TUNED! #DermalogicaPartner #IWDLA

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Everywhere you go. 🍹 Tee by @daisynatives

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Wrangling a wedgie @wrangleraustralia

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