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Mott & Bow Launches Women’s Jeans

Saturday, September 10, 2016


Alejandro Chahin launched men’s denim brand Mott & Bow in 2014, with the goal of segueing his family denim factory in Honduras into a brand of high-quality, affordable jeans for men. He managed to find plenty of customers who enjoyed paying around $100 rather than double that or more for premium denim.

So on the tails of his men’s denim success, Mott & Bow has now launched a women’s line. PopSugar tried out the jeans and had this to say:

While I loved the fit on my husband, I wondered about the new women’s cuts. Happily, after trying both the high-rise skinny and the slim boyfriend cut, I can tell you that the fit is spot on and runs true to size with just the right amount of stretch.

They’re starting with four women’s styles including skinnies and boyfriend, which also run between $96 and $128. They keep prices low by selling only online—and since that model often comes with customer anxiety about sizing, Mott & Bow offers an at-home try-on option. They’ll send you two sizes for the price of one, just send back the size that doesn’t work with the pre-paid return label.


Mott & Bow also claim to have solved the color-transfer issue with dark-rinse jeans by developing a process that involves baking the jeans in a resin coating.

The Zoe Report and InStyle are also fans, and we’re working on bringing our own review to you soon. Stay tuned!

Some Men Prefer Women’s Jeans

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Screenshot 2015-12-22 15.29.50Casey Eagen and JeWon Yu, designers of Levi’s Ex Girlfriend Jean. Photo via Levi’s.

A survey of 2,000 men performed, according to this article, found that 20 percent of men shop in the women’s section for jeans. The article, however, does not say who performed the survey or who the men were. But whether or not the numbers are real, it brings up a phenomenon I had not idea was happening.

Men are jealous of women’s jeans.

Some men, that is. And it’s a trend that has not gone unnoticed by denim giant Levi’s, which launched “ex-girlfriend jeans” in 2011. They marketed to the rock and roll set who like super skinny jeans—think Russel Brand or Harry Styles. H&M and TopShop have also gotten in on the action.

But for some of men, apparently women’s skinnies are just fine. And who can blame them. Instead of just choosing one style designated to be like women’s jeans but made for men, they can choose from the millions of styles made for women.

Were you aware of the men wearing women’s jeans phenomenon? Discuss!

A Feminist Take on Boyfriend Jeans

Monday, August 31, 2015

boyfriend jeans

I recently came across a style of jeans labeled “girlfriend jeans.” It was the first time I considered the etymology of “boyfriend jeans.” Why are they called that? The idea, I assumed, is that they look as if you borrowed them from your boyfriend. But Elissa Straus, writing in “The Week,” suggests the moniker has a deeper, anti-feminist, meaning:

Here’s what’s so off about the boyfriendization of women’s clothing: It implies that a woman should only wear baggy clothes after she has secured a mate. Before that we really should be showcasing one’s body in more fitted apparel. This frames getting dressed as something that is done primarily for the male gaze, when most women know that, more often than not, we dress for ourselves and others. They also suggest that a woman should be straight, smaller than men, and young — older women tend to have husbands, wives, and partners. Imagine trying to explain this label to a first-grader. It’s ridiculous.

She has a point. They’re not called brother, or dad, jeans for a reason. The rest of the article is definitely worth a read. Words affect us, even when we’re not paying attention.

Fidelity Denim’s New Women’s Designer On the Rise of Wide-Legs, the Fall of Skinnies, and Her Love of Anti-Fit

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Slash Chrome 2 3893-2

Fidelity Denim has a new lead women’s designer, denim maven Rokhsan Enanoria. Her 20-year career the denim industry has included creative director at Larry Hansel’s Grass Jeans and for the past six years she was the creative director at Level 99.

We got a sneak peek at Fidelity’s fall/holiday 2015 women’s collection, the first to see her influence. The appointment is perfect timing for the brand—the ’70s and anti-fit (a.k.a. dropped crotch, relaxed or boyfriend) jeans, both of which are trending hard, hold a special place in Enanoria’s heart. Look for the fall/holiday collection in stores and online in August, and read on to hear Enanoria’s thoughts on trends, how she stays inspired, and the death (or not) of skinnies.

Slash Chrome 3899

1. Which pieces did you design for the fall 2015 collection? And how would you describe the collection?
“I joined the company a bit late in the game for fall, so I had only a few insertions in the collection. The collection was very eclectic, with a lot of amazing fabrications and finishes. One of my favorite pieces was the Slash body. It’s a slouchy-straight. It is an updated, forward version of a boyfriend body with an 11-inch rise. So depending on your body type, it can be worn in a variety of ways.”

Ryder Exile Destruct 4612

2. What trends were most important for this season?
“Anti-fits were a big part of our collection, and of course wide legs.”


3. It seems like we’re seeing every denim trend imaginable all at once: high + low rise, skinnies + wide legs, drop crotch + fitted. What’s going on? Are trends going away?
“I don’t think so. We have the ability to reference a lot more now than we did in the past. Hence the wide range of information available to consumers now online (Pinterest, Instagram, blogs, etc.) That being said, I think women are becoming very savvy now. There was a time that things were very simple, we had 2-3 major denim brands and the girls had 1-3 pairs of jeans they loved and wore for years. Now, there are way more options and information to go along with those options.”

Charlie Pop Blue 4390-2

4. The dropped crotch trend in particular is interesting to me because we’ve been seeing it creep in for quite a while—is the general public now starting to get comfortable with it?
“I think it depends on the region. Europe has been comfortable with this for a while. So it’s nice to see anti-fits and drop crotches now being accepted more in the US.”

Rocco Danville 4428

5. Many people are saying skinny jeans are dead. Do you agree? Are wide legs taking over, and for how long do you think we’ll see them?
“I think it’s a bit premature to say that skinny jeans are dead. I think there is still an entire market out there wearing them. But, wide legs are huge, and they may stick around for longer than people think. I think what’s important about wide legs now is the diversity in inseams and rises. More choices are out there for different body types. Remember, there was a time 8-10 years ago, when people would say they couldn’t get caught dead wearing skinnies!!!”

Axl 888 Vtg Jewelled

6. When it comes to designing denim, how do you stay inspired to create something new each season?
“History, movies, music, and family albums all play a really big role. I have been scrolling through my family albums for inspiration for the spring/summer 2016 collection. We lived in London in the 70’s and I traveled all over Europe and the U.S. during that period. The albums are just amazing and filled with inspiration!!”

cover- Gwen Dahlia 2 4166-2

7. Over your 20-year career, what has been your favorite denim design? What is your favorite denim trend?
“That’s a hard one… I don’t think I have ever had a favorite over the past years specifically. I have a niche and love for anti-fits. That’s what I have always worn. I have been wearing my Stella McCartney drop crotch cotton pants for 10 years now.So I guess that would be considered one of my favorites! I do have a favorite era though, and it’s definitely the ’70’s.I love the Bohemian, I love the classy Halston and YSL … all across the board, the ’70’s is amazing.”

Gwen Dahlia Rinse 4217

Gwen Dahlia Rinse B56A4150-2

Starry Falcon Blue 4051-3

Kitch Chrome 3962-3

Kurtz Midnight Coated 4034-2

Mila Celtic Vintage-168

Mila Hellcat Vtg-3620

Saffron Falcon Blue-210-2

Old Levi’s Jeans

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Maybe it’s because Levi’s are kind of like a “hometown hero” since they play such a big role in my city (San Francisco’s) history, or that if there ever were a heritage brand for denim, Levi’s would be it. Without question. One thing that’s been nice to see around is the prevalence of old Levi’s in street style photos these days. Finding that perfect fit may be a little tough since people are wearing them a bit loose like boyfriend jeans, there is no stretch other than cotton’s natural stretch, and many vintage Levi’s are broken in by someone else giving them a slightly different shape. You could buy the vintage style new, Levi’s Vintage Clothing released the 1954 version of their 501’s or you could as one of my friends does get them tailored to fit you exactly. Or you could just scour the vintage shops until you find just the right fit. But once you do find it, rest assured, it will be a classic mainstay in your wardrobe!

levis_501_vintage_jeans_11 levis_501_vintage_jeans_10 levis_501_vintage_jeans_8levis_501_vintage_jeans_9  levis_501_vintage_jeans_6 levis_501_vintage_jeans_5 levis_501_vintage_jeans_4 levis_501_vintage_jeans_3 levis_501_vintage_jeans_2 levis_501_vintage_jeans_1


Image Credits: Oyster Magazine, Sea of Shoes, These Tings Take Time, Levi’s, Man Repeller, Refinery 29, Wall Street Journal

MM6 Pre-Fall Melds the Best of Margiela & The Best of the 90’s

Friday, December 5, 2014


Ok, so the whole 90’s revival thing. We all talked about overalls to no end. High waisted faded jeans made their come back. But the elephant in the room remains when we talk about 90’s and also denim in the same breath. That JNCO look. Skater jeans. Baggy pants. Not your wide leg glamourous version, but that version you’d wear with a trucker chain securing your wallet. How on earth will that be reimagined in a way that’s chic in 2015? Well, leave it to MM6, Maison Martin Margeila‘s diversion line for pre-fall. Mixing dark denim reminiscing of that 90’s go to cut. Baggy. Add paint splatter, a few strategically placed panels, or even an apron type thing to make it a la Margiela. I have to say it’ll be interesting how this trend will manifest in the mainstream.. or even if it will. Who knows? I’ve yet to see people really adopt the overalls, but then again, boyfriend jeans stayed way longer than I thought they would!

MM6_Maison_Martin_Margiela_014_1366 MM6_Maison_Martin_Margiela_013_1366 MM6_Maison_Martin_Margiela_012_1366 MM6_Maison_Martin_Margiela_004_1366 MM6_Maison_Martin_Margiela_026_1366

Icons in Denim: Madonna

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Oh Madge, how do I even begin? When Madonna first entered the cultural conversation she changed everything. Sure, at the time people were just saying she used sex to get attention, that she didn’t have any talent, they called her a whore. When nude photos of her taken before she was famous were published in Penthouse and Playboy, she responded by saying, “So what?”  She continued doing what she wanted and rose above her critics.

Of all celebrities, Madonna is probably the most Post-Modern in terms of her image. Ever evolving, borrowing from cultures, religions, mixing fashion styles and creating something that is really totally her. When it comes to denim, she nailed the trend that would define the image of the 80’s. Relaxed fit, light wash, distressed, and most of all layers upon layers.

tbt_madonna_denim17 tbt_madonna_denim16 tbt_madonna_denim15tbt_madonna_denim8 tbt_madonna_denim14tbt_madonna_denim11 tbt_madonna_denim10 tbt_madonna_denim9
tbt_madonna_denim7 tbt_madonna_denim6
tbt_madonna_denim4 tbt_madonna_denim3 tbt_madonna_denim2 tbt_madonna_denim1


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SF Looks: San Francisco Style Through a Scandinavian Eye

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Just when you think you know your city, someone comes along and shows it to you with fresh eyes. I had written off San Francisco as the place where tech startup tee-shirts come to die, and long time street style blogger from Helsinki, Liisa Jokinen made the move a to the bay and started up SF Looks, the San Francisco sister of Hel Looks. There are a few street style bloggers who photograph outside the expected fashion week circuit, (Fasionist, is another based in San Francisco). Anyway, it’s interesting to see how people can spot out of a crowd like-minds. Jokinen has a way of finding a Scandinavian twist on a very Californian scene. And the denim! No jeans and tech-startup teeshirts here. High waisted boyfriend jeans, cut-off mens shorts, black denim on black denim. So cool.

sf-looks_denim3sf-looks_denim11 sf-looks_denim8 sf-looks_denim9sf-looks_denim7 sf-looks_denim6 sf-looks_denim5sf-looks_denim1sf-looks_denim2All images from SF Looks


Denim Trend: Cropped Boyfriend Jeans

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


street style boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans have began to morph. We started with the plain boyfriend jean, moved on to the boyfriend short for summer, and now those plain old boyfriend jeans have lost a few inches at the hem. While some border the land of the culotte (that’s the next evolution), cropped boyfriend jeans have been gaining traction over the past few seasons but the fashion week streets were full of these flood styles, the spring ’15 runways, and even the retailers. Yes it’s about to get chilly but I’ll be wearing them here in L.A. and before you blink the spring wardrobes will be hitting shelves. And they really don’t show too much skin anyways right? Fall here we come. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite styles. available now online.

Free People Boyfriend Jeans   | GOLDSIGN His Jeans  |  Blake Slim Slouch Jeans 

cropped boyfriend jeans

(images above, ManRepeller and Here)

NYFW Spring 2015 Street Style Verdict: Skinny Jeans Are Officially Dead

Monday, September 8, 2014


If there is one thing to say about how the trendiest are wearing their denim this season at NYFW, is that there are no rules. Denim was pretty much all over the map, but one theme is apparent.


Apparently, everyone got the memo that the skinny jean trend has run its course. There were ripped jeans, clean jeans, embellished, colored, high waisted, low rise, but all of them had a lot of room to move around in. Of course you’re going to see a lot of jean shorts at NYFW in September because it’s still hotter than Hades, and well, those ladies are appropriately dressed! But what I found interesting was the prevalence of frayed hems and ripped knees.  So those ripped jeans you have? Hang on to them. Also, check out Jenna Lyon in all white with white jeans. Kind of reminds you of the Frame Spring 2015 collection, no? Methinks, yes!


elle-02-street-style-h-xln elle-04-street-style-v-xln elle-05-street-style-h-xln elle-07-street-style-h-xln elle-43-nyfw-ss15-street-style-day-3-v-xln elle-38-nyfw-ss15-street-style-day-3-v-xln
elle-11-nyfw-street-style-h-93936480-xln elle-08-nyfw-street-style-v-xln elle-03-nyfw-street-style-h-26155732-xln elle-00-nyfw-street-style-lgn-lgn ss15_denim_nyfw_streetstyle_vogue6 ss15_denim_nyfw_streetstyle_vogue5 ss15_denim_nyfw_streetstyle_vogue4 ss15_denim_nyfw_streetstyle_vogue3 ss15_denim_nyfw_streetstyle_vogue2
leandra-medine.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2xthecut phillip-lim.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2xthecut nyfw-street-0905-clara-racz-3.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2xthecut

Images via: Elle.com, The Cut, Vogue.com

Icons in Denim: Winona Ryder

Thursday, September 4, 2014


I couldn’t really say what my life would be like if it weren’t for Winona Ryder. It feels weird to say that, especially since I only follow celebrity stuff for fun. Even though she didn’t write the parts she played, Winona made weird, off-beat, irreverent female archetype accessible. She articulated the complexity of the good girl / bad girl like no one has before or since. Lydia in Beetlejuice, Veronica in Heathers brought irreverence to the mainstream. Impressionable as I was, she was kind my idol growing up, even if at the time I would never admit it. I mean, she was engaged to JOHNNY DEPP! Anyway, today I’m dedicating this post to Winona and her looks in denim from back in the day. That perfect boyfriend jean (they were just regular jeans back then) with a leather jacket and tee-shirt with combat boots is just timeless. Her oversized denim jackets would be the hottest denim piece you can wear this season. And her bob-haircut (I mean, after all, Beyonce just got a bob) is perfect as well.

So basically, I’m still looking up to Winona.


winona_ryder_denim12 winona_ryder_denim11 winona_ryder_denim10 winona_ryder_denim9 winona_ryder_denim8 winona_ryder_denim7 winona_ryder_denim6 winona_ryder_denim5 winona_ryder_denim4 winona_ryder_denim3 winona_ryder_denim2 winona_ryder_denim1


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MOTHER Denim’s Fall Collection “Wanders” In Style

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


MOTHER Denim is one of those brands that are really playful in their demeanor, but still very stylish in their collections. As a mom myself, I can attest to the need to bridge the gap between being ready to play, and not looking like I gave up on life. Hence the love for denim…  MOTHER Denim calls their fall collections “Wander” and this season, it includes perfectly distressed and relaxed fit jeans, and even a pair of frayed hem skinny jeans in case you were searching for the perfect pair (I’m still nervous about cutting my own skinny jeans). There are even a few playful twists on the classic trucker jacket in this collection, one with a raglan french terry sleeves, one with statement denim cuffs, the oversized “it” jacket to wear this season, and a shearling paneled jacket which plays on the classic denim/shearling combo.

I’d say this collection hits all the essential denim trends for Fall!

mother_BLAME_BLACKOUT_1164_156_001 mother_BLOW_OUT_1042_265_003 mother_SKY_PIRATE_1191_220_001 mother_POP_POP_SNAP_1564_207_052 mother_RIDE_A_DARK_HORSE_3121_258_013 mother_DARK_MOON_MAGIC_1164_179_002 mother_GUILTY_AS_SIN_1431_180_066 mother_AFTER_CLASS_1101_274_044 mother_HOPSCOTCH_CORD_1164_268_055Images courtesy of MOTHER Denim


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