Thought You Should Know About a Band Called Denim

An English singer and songwriter named Lawrence started a band called Denim in the early ’90s. His last name is Hayward, but he is known mononymously as just Lawrence.

Denim the band was an alt rock group influenced lyrically by Lawrence’s upbringing during the 1970s and stylistically by bubblegum and glam rock. The band released two albums in the 1990s, plus a compilation of B-sides and extra tracks. The band never achieved commercial success.

Before Denim, Lawrence headed up a band called Felt, which was a post-punk effort and released 10 albums in the 1980s. Lawrence was the only constant member of the band from its inception in 1979 to its dissolution in 1989.

The Guardian published an article in 2010 about why Lawrence’s efforts were not more fruitful. Felt went bust when he dropped acid before going on stage in front of an audience full of agents. His second album with Denim was released the week after Princess Diana was killed in a car accident. Heroin addiction and homelessness were also factors, unfortunately.

Listen to the Denim song Summer Smash.

Lawrence currently heads up a band called Go Kart Mozart, which is a reference to Bruce Springsteen’s song Blinded by the Light. He is also the subject of a documentary film called Lawrence of Belgravia.

By the way, there was also an older band from the ’70s that was also called Denim, you can enjoy on of its songs, Throw Away, here or below.

None of which is to be confused with the drag group Denim, but I recommend you checking them out.


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