The Latest Crazy Jeans Installment Just May Be the Best

I was little worried that weirdo denim had jumped the shark and we’d be back to boring old regular jeans with intact butt fabric, a single ho-hum waistband and right-side up construction.

Thank goodness, CIE Denim has released upside down denim shorts. They are handmade of vintage denim, each is one of a kind, and they cost $385. And I think they may be my favorite weirdo denim to date, my personal aversion to any type of shorts notwithstanding.

Look at them from the back. I’m cracking up. Get these on someone with good legs, grab a poolside cocktail and get that summer party started.

Oh my gosh, I just discovered they make full-length upside down jeans, too, and the absence of pockets in the front is rather flattering! Definitely my fave weirdo jeans, despite the $500 price tag.


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