Denim Overload? Try These 7 Ways to Organize Your Jeans

If you have a denim drawer that’s bursting at the seams, or an indigo tower in your closet that collapses on your head when you pull a pair out, it’s time to get organized. These methods not only look cool, but they will also save you time getting ready. They might even save you money—because finally you’ll be able to see all the jeans you own and won’t buy the same style over and over.

Kon Mari

Mari Kondo has got the whole world trying to get organized, and of course she has a method for jeans. Check out her folding method at 3:33 in the video above.


Rustic Ladder

If you want to create a pretty display and have three or four favorite pairs of jeans on hand at all times, a rustic ladder can be beautiful and handy in your bedroom.


Row of Pegs

This method can accommodate lots of jeans, and works for bags, too!


Rolled in a Rustic Crate

If you’re short on closet space, rustic crates make beautiful decor both in an out of your closet. Rolling allows easier access to your jeans.


Folded and Labeled

For the serious type A personality, identify your denim styles with labels.


Pull-Out Trouser Rack

If you’re lucky enough to have a large and fancy closet, this pull out module is a must.



Hangers are a mainstay in everyone’s closet for a reason: they work pretty great, granted you have enough space.


Store Them Sideways

A variation on the Kon Mari method that Mari Kondo may disapprove of: Stack your jeans sideways.


Shower Curtain Hooks

Shower curtain hooks can be useful for more than just the shower. Slide a belt loop onto a hood and call it a day. 
Images via: Apartment Therapy, Buzzfeed, She Wears, She Shares, A Bowl Full of Lemons, Nubry, The Nest


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