Crazy Pants: Witness the Garter Belt Jeans

It has become a bit of a sport lately to create and/or make fun of bizarre denim designs, the latest hailing from Y/Project. It reminds one of a garter belt and hosiery combination, with said items hanging loosely and heavily from the body rather than stretched tight with elastic and nylon—a more comfortable, if weird and possibly less sexy version.

The leg portion of the denim concoction also buttons down the front because apparently the theme here is “openings.” The garter belt seems to have mini pockets, although it’s unclear whether they are real or false (I’m guessing false).

How you style these “detachable button-down pants” is your call. If you’re attending the Folsom Street Fair, wearing nothing underneath would be quite appropriate. Anywhere else, you might consider a dress shirt (as pictured), perhaps a catsuit, or stylish undergarments?

Y/Project jeans

Here, the garment has been styled with a white Western-influenced double belt (also from Y/Project)—I suppose when there’s already so much going on with a look, you just embrace the excess of it all.

Why is this happening? What is it in denim designers’ collective consciousness that’s driving them to create wacky jeans? Boredom? Rebelliousness? Creativity run amok? I have no answers! But I’m open to ideas, please discus in the comments!


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