A Few Denim Resolutions for 2019

kristen-18Denim is a huge part of our lives. We live in jeans, and whether they’re comfortable and whether they makes our backsides look attractive has an enormous impact on our states of mind on a day-to-day basis. That said, I assert that it’s not entirely weird to make denim-specific resolutions. Here are mine:

1. Don’t Sweat the Numbers

My size is historically between 28 and 29 in most jeans, and anytime I have to suffer the higher number, I become slightly depressed. I don’t go so far as to refuse to purchase size 29 jeans, but I don’t do it happily. And I have, on occasion, forced myself into a 28 when a 29 would have been much more comfortable.

Everyone knows that denim sizing is anything but uniform across brands. And beyond that, a number should not have such a strong impact on one’s self esteem. And so, in 2019 I resolve to wear exclusively jeans that are comfortable and look good, even if the size on the tag is outside of my comfort zone.

2. Mind the Trends

Not every trend is going to look great on every individual. And while this is obvious to everyone including myself, sometimes I forget, just like the Naughty Bunny so often forgets to be good. Certain lengths and cuts flatter my wide hips and thick legs. I resolve this year to not force myself to believe I look good in those trends that do not. It’s ridiculously difficult to be objective with ones self, but I vow to try my best.

3. Quality Over Quantity

Being the author of a denim blog, it’s probably not surprising that I’m a denim hoarder. And since denim brands often donate jeans for me to review or feature them, I have accumulated an embarrassingly large collection of jeans over the years. My point is that some are better than others, and I vow to dump the sub-par ones and wear with pride those that are well-made.

Now let’s ring in 2019 with as much happiness as we can muster! What are your denim (or otherwise) resolutions for 2018?


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