The Blue Off-the-Shoulder Dress So Ubiquitous It Needed Its Own Blog

Sometimes a garment from Zara becomes so ubiquitous that you start seeing it everywhere and you’re like, “I’m so glad I didn’t buy that.” Or, someone starts a blog about it.

The latter was the case for Lulu Kraus, who saw this denim blue off-the-shoulder ruffle dress so often that she began documenting it on a Tumblr blog called Blue Off-the-Shoulder-Dress. On it she channels the dress’s wearers, who have hilariously mundane things to say regarding brunch, Starbucks, couples issues and more.

Kraus started the blog in 2016 and retired it at the end of summer. But sightings resumed in 2017, and so did the blog. As of two weeks ago, Her reported that Kraus had 80 more photos to post, with submissions coming in from all over the country. That means we can enjoy the blog for at least a couple more months, hooray!



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